Friday, March 28, 2014

Back from Miami & already missing it!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Happy Friday!!!!
I know it has been almost an entire month since I have posted...sorry about that. I did have intentions of blogging while on vacation in Miami Beach....but it just didn't happen. The warm weather was incredible! I could spend the rest of my life there but my husband says no! He is not up for moving there, lol. Well, ok uprooting my family across the country because I enjoyed two weeks in an area, yeah not happening. Something to do with the mixture of warmth & humidity together helped me a lot with my pain. I went to Miami with my great friend Carol, and I met her family who we stayed with while I was there. Her mom Bernice who just celebrated her 94th birthday, her brother Michael, and her grandchildren; Xavier, Tiffany, & Noah. I was also introduced to some incredible cultural norms there that I happened to love! Cuban coffee (coloda) and Cuban food are a wonderful staple that everyone should experience regularly....the pastries are out of this world! Fruit is so ripe and wonderful there and is much cheaper to buy than here. It is easy to eat healthier where produce is always in season. 

While visiting the southern part of the east coast, we spent a day at the Everglades on an airboat tour and checking out the alligators, that was pretty cool! We had a really fun tour bus driver, Harry, and he helped make the tour a lot of fun! We spent a day at the beach laying in the sun, enjoying the warm ocean water and watching the beautiful clear blue waves crashing one on top of another. Tiffany & i both had the opportunity to experience the sting of a jellyfish, even though we would have preferred to opt out we weren't given the option with enough notice, ouch!Then we took a tour bus again this time headed for Key West. It was a long day and I was in so much pain riding back on the tour bus when the day was done but a day well spent. We did lots of shopping I brought back all sorts of little goodies for my hubby and family. The rest of the trip was pretty go with the flow. Carol and I spent so much time together that our relationship has bloomed to create an amazing friendship between us. I  have grown to love her family so much and miss them all greatly already. Her Mother is just this adorable little southern belle and has been having some health problems as of recent, she could use some prayers if any of you have the time to add Bernice to your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated. I didn't realize how much I would miss Carol after leaving there when we spend the majority of the year living right next door to each other....

Oh I also got a tattoo while I was down there...I got a beautiful peacock on my left thigh. The colors are magnificent and the shop I went to was South Side Tattoos and Matthew the artist that worked on me was great. The prices are reasonable and he did really good with letting me take breaks and keeping me as comfortable as possible for a 6 hour sitting as he could. I have attached a few pics so that y'all could share in my fun a little bit too! I did use my crutches when walking down there and I didn't have any of the daily stressors as I do at home because I was on vacation, but Carol and the kids helped me out a lot with things and I still had two falls during the two weeks that I was there along with a fall at the airport leaving Miami. So even though I share the photos that show us having a great time I also had a lot of down time as well.

 I love you all and thank you much for the support. Thank you for following along with me and my journey through life as Elle knows it. Life is a journey and you get to choose the path you go down and how you see things along the way. Look at everything through smiling eyes and life will seem so much happier! Until next time, have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Been A Few Too Many Days

Pictures of the cards I completed with my friends Courtney and Nona. We had so much fun going through our order when the UPS man dropped it off to making great cards with all our new goodies! As always, thank you for visiting my blog and supporting my passions! Love y'aLL from my family to yours,