Friday, February 7, 2014

Love & Inspiration

Happy Friday-Hope you are all safe from this weather! I find myself thinking a lot this week about love, mostly because we are a week from Valentine's day and I have no idea what to do for my husband. I do however have a surprise for some random family and friends on my list I have made some Valentine's Day cards, about a dozen of them. I will send them out to the first dozen of you to send me a private message with your mailing address in it to I look forward to finding out who the first one's are to read my blog this week.

+Kelly Rowe shared this inspirational message with us this morning on Google+ and I wanted to share it with y'all because it has so much truth to it.  "Girls compete with each other; Women empower one another" Author unknown
My friend has two darling daughters 9 & 15 years old. I watch them for her occasionally because she is a traveling RN in the Air Force. Her job has made it so they have moved around and done some home schooling. Her teenage daughter has been in our local high school for this entire year and I have been helping them out so they can stay at the same school. She is finding it hard to make friends here in school because she is very quiet and shy and the girls are very competitive. I have been talking with her and trying to be supportive and go to her school events, inspire her by saying once school gets out the world is a different place. She will still deal with competitiveness and lots of drama if she plans to go off to college because these young ladies are still trying to find themselves as well; but once you make it through all that women are very different. We make friends because we have similar interests, because you ask your neighbor for help in an emergency to pick up your daughters from school one day and stay great friends from there on out; because you share a coupon with someone in line at the grocery store.... Trying to tell a girl who is extremely unhappy at school and having difficulties coping with it; that it does get better is pretty cliché. Do any of you have any tips of how I can help her to feel more confident about herself and help her to "fit in" or make friends? I try to talk to her and support her, listen to what her concerns are, I'm trying to find her strong points so that I can bring some confidence out and show her how to use it but she is so quiet and self kept that it makes it difficult.
I have always been out spoken, opened my mouth before my brain processes it, and out going enough that I make friends everyday. I'm not afraid to say I don't know how to do this can you help me? I'm constantly on other peoples blogs and profiles watching videos and reading on how to DIY or how to fix the things I already buggered up. I'm new at all this and I'm trying to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Thanks for joining me again today. Don't forget to send me a message with your address in it! I'm not telling who the first 12 are, you will just have to share with us on my blog if you receive a lovely card from me for Valentine's Day. Until next time....God Bless


  1. "Girls compete with each other; Women empower one another" Author unknown
    I love that. That is why Keleen and I are BFF's, I think we empower each other, and to be able to work with your best friend, you can't beat that.....

    1. You do haveba pretty great job and bff! Not many people are as lucky as you are Mom @Becky France Thanks for following along with my blog and supporting me in everything that I do. I couldn't be a luckier woman because I have an incredible Momma!

  2. Loved reading this, makes me think even harder for her to earn trust, that is in the first place so hard to earn.

  3. It is hard to believe that you and your family have been snowed and iced in. We are in the bananna belt and it has been over 50 every day, it has been raining, but we need the rain. I have been busy with my beading and jewelry making. Love ya Sharmel....Oh the chandelier looks great!